What is the Right Price for a New Roof?

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While labor costs have remained steady for the last few years, the cost of shingles has increased over 100%. The primary ingredient in composition shingles is asphalt, which is responsible for the increased cost of a new roof. To replace a roof on an existing home the current roof should be removed. This also adds to the cost of a new roof.

Replacing a roof on even the smallest of homes will usually cost $3500. or more. The price will go up depending on the size of the roof, how steep it is and if it is one or two story. Shingle types range from the most basic 20 year shingle to ones that carry a life time warranty. Aluminum, stone coated steel, concrete tile, cedar shakes and slate are also products used on roofs. These choices could cost $20,000. or more depending on the size and shape of the house.

If the roof is being replace as a result of hail or wind damage your insurance carrier will usually provide you with an estimated cost of replacing your roof. This can be used as a guild for current market pricing.

If, as a homeowner you are paying for the costs of the new roof you should get an estimate from 3 roofing contractors and make a comparison. This will allow you to find a roofing contractor you feel comfortable with as well as compare pricing.

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