Ridge Vent

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Ridge Vent

Is Ridge Vent Right for Your House?

roof ridge vent

A cooler attic means less energy needed to cool your home in the summer. Ridge vent can increase and extend the opening in your roof which allows hot air to rise and exit your attic. Ridge vent runs along the ridgeline of your roof (the cap shingles that are parallel to the ground). When the ridgeline of the roof is open (ridge venting) the flow of air traveling through the attic is more evenly spread across the underside of the decking. Air enters the attic through soffit vents that are located under the eaves of the house. The natural rising action of hot air causes this flow of air to take place in the attic. As cooler air enters through the soffit vents it moves across the bottom of the decking. This reduces the temperature of the decking and as well as the temperature of the attic air.

To optimize the effectiveness of ridge vent there must be adequate soffit venting. Ideally, there would be continuous soffit venting around the entire eave of the house; although this is usually found only on houses build in the last 5 years or so. The next best application would be to have individual soffit vents located every 4 to 6 feet apart.

ridge vent roof ventilation system

At All Pro Roofing we install ridge vents, box vents, turtle vents, wind turbines, power attic fans and solar electric fans. We also install soffit vents. Passive vents (ridge vents, box vents and turtle vents) are the preferred choice if the design of the roof will allow for them. Any type of roof venting that contains moving parts (turbines, power and solar fans) will fail at some point and need to be repaired or replaced.
For a free evaluation of the effectiveness of your roofs venting system give us a call at 972.596.7777 or 817.488.6999. We will come out and make suggestions that can improve your energy efficiency and reduce your energy costs.

Ridge vent

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