If my Insurance Company is paying to replace my roof do I have to pay the deductible?

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Yes – No – Maybe! Let me explain.

Once your insurance company has decided to replace your roof the next question may be how much “out of pocket” expense will it cost me? Insurance deductibles can range from $500.00 to 4% of the policy coverage amount ($10,000.00 or higher). The replacement cost less the deductible is what your insurance company will pay, while the deductible amount is the responsibility of the homeowner. As with any purchase, especially those involving large sums of money, purchase prices can include discounts, rebates or special offers. How much out of pocket expense, if any, you may incur will depend on the amount of your deductible and the total scope of damage to your home.

While some insurance agents and/or insurance adjusters will tell you that you “must pay” the deductible; simply because your repair work is being paid for from insurance proceeds does not forbid you from receiving a discount or rebate. These discounts or rebates can be applied to the deductible amount that is the responsibility of the homeowner.

At All Pro Roofing we use several means of marketing: direct mail, BBB website, Angie’s List, AllProRoof.com, Yellow Pages, etc. . . Each of these venues from time to time offer discounts, rebates and/or reduced price upgrades with the purchase of a new roof or a roof repair. Sometimes we offer a free radiant barrier installed in the attic with a complete roofing job. These offers are available to homeowners regardless of whether it is an insurance claim or a homeowner paying the total bill.

If you are replacing a roof as a result of a storm damage claim with your homeowners insurance, it is best to have your chosen roofing contractor inspect, measure and write up a replacement cost. This estimate should be independent of your insurance adjuster’s claim report. The roofing contractor should climb on the roof, inspect, measure and write an estimate. If he is unable or unwilling to do this, and is only interested in seeing your claims report in order to give you a quote, it is not in your best interest. What would such a contractor do if you were replacing your roof out of pocket because of its age?

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